To Fish or not to Fish; A Dumb Question Turned Valid Argument

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The solunar tables indicate Today being the peak feeding activity. It’s going to be really windy from the south, but tucking up against north facing shorelines will be manageable if you don’t have to be on an open waterway to get to the spot. The fish often go into a feeding frenzy right before a front regardless of the moon phase. Although intense thunderstorms are likely, forecasts are not always accurate.

For a dose of reality, I would advise against it unless you can get back indoors within five minutes. A line of showers with numerous strong storms producing 40-55+ mph wind gusts is expected between 5:00 and 9:00 (21-01z) this evening. More widely scattered showers and storms are possible well ahead of the front this afternoon. Very strong upper level southwesterly winds will push all of this to the north and northeast at 50-60mph. This rapid motion combined with a moist, unstable environment may lead to some intense severe thunderstorms capable of considerable straight-line winds and a marginal tornado threat. Exact specifics on that will gradually become figured out through the next several hours. Some uncertainty exists, so this information may become inaccurate.

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